Originally appeared in Planet Jackson Hole

Are you up for an experiment? How about agreeing that for the month of February (Valentine’s Day is next week) we make it a daily mindful practice to choose love over fear, inclusion over separation, collaboration over competition and compassion over judgment … as consistently as possible. This applies to how we treat and respond to others and to ourselves.

Let’s discover what kind of difference this makes in how we feel as individuals, as family members, as friends and as a community. We all know how welcoming and warm it is to walk into a room where people are kind and non-judgmental.


Let’s start right here and right now. It is so exciting and so empowering to know that we are fully capable of redirecting our thought and feeling patterns for our greater good and for the greater good of everyone. Are you willing to make this difference in your life? Then, imagine this great feeling times billions of people in the world being kind-hearted.


It’s exciting to grasp the importance of two scientific discoveries, which can directly upgrade everyone’s well-being and put us in the driver’s seat of our collective evolution. One scientific finding is that our consciousness is so powerful that the energies of our thoughts, emotions, beliefs and actions directly impact both our individual wellbeing and the quality of the entire matrix of life on Earth.

The second finding, directly related to the first, is that we are all part of one interconnected, interactive living matrix on this Earth. Therefore everything alive and the quality of everyone’s energy is influencing everything on our planet all the time. (For those who enjoy thinking big, the entire universe is one interactive matrix.) At the very least, the implications of these two findings give every person the “wow” (we really are that powerful) and the “how” (change the energy of our thoughts) to upgrade our lives and evolve life on Earth.


Everyone has an average of 60,000 thoughts a day, and incredibly, 95 percent are the same thoughts repeated every day. According to researchers, an average 80 percent of those habitual thoughts are negative. Since we are all part of one interactive global matrix, this information points to how we are all invisibly and unknowingly co-creating a negative energy field for our bodies and for the world.


The findings about how everything in the universe is interconnected is sometimes referred to as “oneness”. This can be misinterpreted to imply that then everyone is exactly the same and we should love everyone and everything. Not so. Oneness includes infinite diversity. We are all connected and we are all unique.


The human body is a perfect example of the paradox of oneness and diversity. We have trillions of cells, which differentiate to form blood, skin, bones, muscles, tendons, joints, nerves, organs and organ systems. All our cells and all organ systems have their own unique specialties and functions. They even look different from one another. They are in constant communication with each other and combine together as one cohesive unit working collaboratively for the greater good of the one body.

If and when something in the body is out of balance, other body systems automatically come in to help. Together all the cells combine to create something greater than the sum of the individual parts. The body works miraculously as one entity made up of incredible diversity. Not only are all physical bodies made of the same elements (we are all one), but at the same time, each body is totally different from the next.


This incredible body then is the perfect vehicle for the soul to pair with in order to experience itself in the physical world reality we all share. Here’s the paradox again. We have the soul factor in common and yet each soul brings in its own unique history, natural talents, and learning lessons. This is the richness of the sameness and the infinite variety in creation. The center of any paradox, like the eye of a storm, is where it is all true and therefore there is no conflict. Think about it.


The experiment of purposefully directing your thoughts, feelings, attitudes, beliefs and actions in a more inclusive and kind direction, is not about perfection. When you catch yourself in old negative thought patterns, be kind to yourself and skip the self-criticism. When you need help to get back on track, a random act of kindness guarantees to do the trick.