Originally appeared in Planet Jackson Hole

Q: Is the rumor true about what was discovered in the Budge Drive Landslide?

A: Some readers have heard that several men helping on the scene of the now-famous landslide were secretly whisked away to a military base in an undisclosed location. The workers at the site caught the attention of authorities there after they attempted to abruptly leave the cleanup scene. Witnesses described them as appearing "visibly disturbed." Law enforcement officials questioned the men before they made it onto Broadway and were shocked by their claims. According to the cleanup workers, they had encountered otherworldly creatures while removing debris from the site.

I spoke about this incident with an anonymous source involved in the valley's law enforcement efforts. He said the typical protocol would have been to take the men to a secure location, stabilize them and then put them under hypnosis or sodium pentothal to learn the details of what really happened.

"I have witnessed this many times," the source said. "Extraterrestrials are known to communicate telepathically and can embed messages deep in a person's consciousness. Hypnosis has proven the best way to get beyond the person's memory and access any messages, which have been downloaded."

He also told me that information retrieved in this way from other human-extraterrestrial encounters has accelerated our advances in science and technology. "This is how we make some quantum leaps," he noted, as if it was common knowledge.

It is also known that since the late 1990s, there have been numerous unidentified flying object, or UFO, sightings in this area. Sometimes the UFOs appeared to exit and enter directly into the mountain and hills in and around town. At other times they have been seen traveling in and out of nearby lakes.

There is some speculation that a UFO base might be located under this entire valley. However, this is not confirmed, and, there is no known threat to locals. To learn more about the extraterrestrial presence in the valley, please stay tuned until April Fools’ Day 2016.