Originally appeared in Planet Jackson Hole

Q: I have to make some important decisions in my life and I am getting really confused. Do you have any tips for how I can clear my mind?

A: As you already know, the mind can make up a story about anything, and it can also justify anything whether it is true or not. That overload of mental pros and cons often turns into confusion and paralysis. The solution to this dilemma is figuring out how to know what is in your highest and best interests beyond the machinations of the mind.

To get beyond the mental impasse, you can look to your intuitive right brain, your heart, and your physical body for some helpful decision-making.

The great thing about the body is that it does not lie. Simply stated, your body responds instantly to positive and negative forms of energy. When you experience ideas, people, decisions and environments that are not in your best interest, your body reacts before you are even conscious of what is going on. For example, when someone negative walks by you on the street, steps into the same room as you, or tells you a lie, there are many signals you'll get from your body. Perhaps you will unconsciously tighten your jaw, feel something happen in your heart, take an involuntary swallow, instinctively step back, or have a funny feeling in your stomach. All of these reactions are ways the body is telling you something is not good for you.

The body gives off entirely different signals when the instant data it is picking up is positive. A "green light" from your body to any positive person, idea or circumstance, is a sensation of openness - you light up, your heart opens or a smile crosses your face. It just feels good.

Here is a simple technique for accessing your intuitive intelligence when you have a decision-making mental overload: sit down in a comfortable and quiet place where you won’t be interrupted for a few minutes, close your eyes, take some deep breaths and settle into yourself. Now try on your options one at a time, as if you were trying on new clothes. Imagine yourself as if you are 100 percent in that choice. Experience the sensations in your body when you "try on" the decision. How do you feel? Are you comfortable in this choice? Are you lighthearted? Excited? Inspired?

Or do you feel restricted, anxious, uncomfortable, dull, bored, trapped, closed or shut down? The former is a "green light." The latter is not.

How you feel when you fully "try on" the list of choices will let you know which one is a "fit," something in your best interest. This technique holds true whether you are deciding on a new job, a place to live, a relationship, or even choosing who you really want to invite for a holiday dinner.

It takes courage to act on your intuition, but you will reap the benefits.