Originally appeared in Planet Jackson Hole

Q: Do you know how the earthquakes in Nepal invisibly affect everyone on Earth?

All life on this planet is part of a living, interconnected global energy matrix - a planet-based, bio-energetic interactive internet, to which we are all subscribers. Whether or not we are consciously sensitive to and aware of changes in the matrix, the current devastation from the two recent major earthquakes in Nepal affects every aspect of the living matrix of life on Earth. Those reverberations include a blend of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual energies, which require recalibration.

Physical connection

On the purely physical level, the jolts of these powerful earthquakes were strong enough to briefly disrupt the rotation of the Earth and cause changes in the magnetic field of the planet. The geological jarring is one phenomenon that everything on the planet is first absorbing and then recalibrating in order to reestablish the new normal. So it is not surprising that at the time of the quakes and for many days after the tragedy, people around the world have reported feeling unusually tired and blue, or they having trouble sleeping and experience headaches for no apparent reason. This is not the same as being ill. These are symptoms of the disruption in our biological systems from the quakes.

Emotional connection

Our thoughts and feelings are another form of instantly transmitted energy in the planet-based living "internet." Science has measured the concept that even if you do not know someone is thinking about you, even if you do not know the person thinking about you, the body registers a response to their thoughts. Even when someone on the other side of the world is thinking of you, your body picks up the signals.

Therefore in the aftermath of the quakes, we are receiving the energies of invisible cries for help, waves of grief and despair, pain and expressions of fear. They are automatically being transmitted invisibly around the world from the masses of people affected by the earthquakes. Similar to feeling tired after watching an emotionally draining movie, a massively traumatic global event has the potential to create huge waves of exhaustion.

At the same time, our feelings of compassion and love and prayers are also instantly transmitted via the living matrix to those who are suffering. Those energies spread reassuring support and healing.


The ever-communicating, bio-energetic-internet of this Earth is also analogous to our individual physical bodies, in which all our cells are constantly sharing signals and information with the billions of other cells in the living matrix of our bodies. Therefore, it is a small leap to realize that in the face of personal suffering, when we choose to express loving, compassionate, grateful thoughts to our own body, we hold a key to stabilizing and healing ourselves.

Common sense

Naturally, if you know or suspect other reasons for any current physical or emotional unease, consult your health care professionals.