Originally appeared in Planet Jackson Hole

Q: What kind of energy are you contributing to the matrix of life on Earth?

Here's the good news. Science has demonstrated that all life is intelligent, interconnected and communicating all the time. In addition, research proves that our thoughts, beliefs and actions directly impact our individual wellbeing and contribute to the entire matrix of life on the Earth. Simply stated, loved-based emotions, beliefs and actions upgrade personal and global wellbeing. And fear-based behaviors, emotions and beliefs breed negativity of all kinds everywhere. Thats a pretty big and empowering statement because it means the keys to personal wellbeing and more planetary harmony are in our control.

The bottom line of all the worlds wisdom teachings has always been to choose love over fear. Love is an inclusive state of being; fear creates separation. Research studies now offer proof that feelings and actions coming from love, which include compassion, kindness, forgiveness and generosity, turn on the biochemistry of wellbeing. Part of this upgrade is physical. For example, stress levels calm down, the immune system turns on, and blood pressure decreases. Something else happens when love is our fuel: the mind clears and becomes more still. This allows the third part of the upgrade to occur. We then experience greater connection to self, others, and to all Creation. We then have access to higher guidance and more evolved states of being.

Scientific studies have likewise demonstrated that actions and feelings coming from fear, which include jealousy, hatred, revenge, holding grudges, and anger, turn off the immune system, jack up blood pressure, increase stress levels and turn on the biochemistry of fight or flight. In the presence of this biochemistry and the states of consciousness they create, it is not possible to think clearly, and ET cannot call home!

This does not mean to never feel upset, sad or mad these feelings are inevitable and normal. However, the trick is to feel them and then let those emotions pass through like weather. Thats how to easily re-center in a loving state of being and move forward without negative baggage. Here are 7 ways to develop a loving state of being and make your contribution to the upgrade of the global matrix:

  • Focus on gratitude even in challenging times. It opens the heart, turns on the biochemistry of wellbeing, attracts more things into your life for which to be grateful and adds positive energy to the global matrix.
  • Notice and consciously choose to let go of criticizing and judging others. Recognize that everyone is doing their best in the moment given their limitations.
  • Practice acceptance of what is. Acceptance means to neither condemn nor condone. Just notice and discern, and then choose what works for you.
  • Practice compassion (not pity) for self and others. Forgive easily. Forgiveness releases constriction from your physical heart.
  • Use the gift of freewill to choose the emotional high road. Thats the intended purpose of having freewill.
  • Be in nature. Just Be. We are human beings not human doings. Meditation supports being; there are active and passive forms of meditation. Not everyone needs to sit still to get still inside.
  • Practice random acts of kindness. The giver receives as much or more wellbeing benefits than the recipient.