Originally appeared in Planet Jackson Hole

Regrettably, the air, water and land on this planet are not pure anymore, even in remote locations. That said, organically grown and raised food has at least four important factors in its favor: less toxic chemicals, greater nutrition, care of the land and support of the ecosystem and the energy of the Earth.

When it comes to the wellness quotient of what you put in your body, you don't need scientific studies to convince you that consuming less synthetic poisons, eating food with more nutrition, and supporting the health of our planet’s ecosystems adds to everyone's well-being. It is common sense. Our bodies are not able to put synthetic fertilizers, pesticides and genetically altered food to constructive use. At best, the body struggles to use what it can and find ways to get rid of poisons until overload when the body breaks down.

As you reflect on whether or not to go organic, there are three key questions you might ask yourself:

1. How much do you value the quality of your life and your consciousness? (Top priority, I hope.)

2. Do you trust your inner knowing and your common sense? (Yes, I hope.)

3. Will you follow what you know is in your highest good? (Yes, please!)

Our inner knowing always discerns whether or not what we are putting into our bodies is in our highest good. This happens faster than our ability to gather tangible facts. Since we have the gift of free will, we can choose the high road offered via our inner knowing and awareness, or not.

On a more metaphysical note, there is another reason to choose organics. Our planet is more than a bunch of rocks and oceans. It is actually a living and sentient being. Right now, regardless of what it may appear, the Earth is evolving - with or without us. Our physical bodies depend on being resonant with the energy of the Earth. If you choose to participate in upgrading of the planet, you might add organic food to your repertoire. Organic produce has absorbed the rapidly evolving planetary energies and it delivers those benefits to us.

Lastly, when and if you are in a situation where you cannot buy or consume organic food, you still have the ability to upgrade the energy of your food. Water, food, people and all living things, large and small, upgrade their energy frequency (and their actual molecular structure) in response to authentic loving appreciation. When you place your hands over your meal and direct the energies of love and gratitude to your food, also known as a blessing, the quality of your food energy changes for the better.