Originally appeared in Planet Jackson Hole

Change your attitude to attract wealth

Authors like Deepak Chopra, Stuart Wilde, Phil Laut and many others have bestselling books on how to create "prosperity consciousness" and live abundantly. They are not talking about ways to save money or make new investments - they are talking about changing our relationship to money by examining our beliefs about money and life.

Cosmic connection

What's the cosmic connection? It turns out that we are all in a constant feedback loop with the universe. Our beliefs inform the universe about what we expect is possible and what we think is real. We communicate those beliefs via our conscious and unconscious thoughts, feelings and actions. The universe does not judge the input we provide; it simply takes our beliefs and brings experiences into our lives to match and confirm them.

Which one are you?

Prosperity consciousness is the deeply held attitude about life that the universe is abundant in all resources, and there is plenty to go around (whether or not someone has a lot of money). This view of reality invites the universe to offer many forms of abundance.

The opposite view of life is referred to as "poverty consciousness" - a deeply held belief (whether someone has a lot of money or not) that resources are scarce, that there is never enough time or money and there is not enough to go around. This outlook will bring in plenty of deficiencies to prove that point of view.

Money beliefs

To break through and upgrade patterns about money, you first need to know what beliefs about money are unknowingly running your life. If you are curious, make a complete list of your beliefs about money - especially those from parents and from our culture - to see the true source of what you are asking the universe to bring, or not to bring, into your life.

Your list should begin to give you some big "ah-ha" moments. Next, ask yourself if each of the beliefs on your list is actually a universal truth or if it is something you have literally bought into and continue to automatically perpetuate. Do a little soul searching and explore questions like: Do you really have to work hard to make a good living? Can you get paid for doing something you also enjoy? Do you deserve to be prosperous?

Bringing the old, automatic and limiting beliefs to your awareness means you are now able to be in the driver's seat of this part of your life. With this knowledge you can choose to change beliefs, which will upgrade the feedback loop with the universe, and attract more abundance. One caveat: you can’t fake new beliefs. This only works if you honestly embrace your new perspectives. PJH