Originally appeared in Planet Jackson Hole

Q: How can I 'spring clean' my psyche?

The energy of spring always brings with it the excitement of renewal and fresh possibilities, coupled with the urge to lighten up, get rid of excess and feel freer. For some, the energy of spring might mean a new haircut, putting away the winter clothing, cleaning the house and clearing out excess stuff from closets, garages, offices and yards. All of these actions set the stage to welcome in the new.

Clutter of any kind blocks the flow of energy and creates stagnation. On the most obvious level, the yearly ritual of spring cleaning is about clearing out the excess of stuff we have and dont need or use in our houses, closets, garages, offices and cars. Spring is a time to feel lighter. Its also an opportunity to create space for new possibilities in our own psyche by taking a look at personal habits, attitudes and behaviors, which create psychic clutter.

If you'd also like to declutter your psyche this spring and create the space for new possibilities in your life, reflecting on the clutter around you can lead the way. So, before you throw out, reorganize your physical spaces. Take some paper and write your answer to some questions until you have no more to say on each topic.

Here are two questions for self-reflection:

If your environment (house, room, office, desk or car) is a reflection of whats going on in your life, what would it be saying? When you look at the clutter, how does it make you feel?

Write down what spontaneously pops into your mind. Those answers will give you a window into whats really going on, how you are feeling and what you might choose to upgrade. Be open to surprising insights in your answers. Its not about criticizing, analyzing or putting yourself down it is about a chance to grow.

As you review what you wrote, some of what you want to clear out will call for a plan for reorganizing and/or removing physical clutter. Other insights might also inspire you to upgrade the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of your life. How exciting to purge that and be free of old emotional baggage, which, like all clutter, prevents new things from showing up.

There are many integrative health practices offering professional support to help dismantle old patterns, which no longer serve you. Once you engage in doing this work on yourself, you are on the way to being who you really are and who you intend to be. If you would like information on local resources, send me an email.

Enjoy this springtime energy of renewal to make room in your life for the upgrades you want.