A Cosmic Perspective on tragic events assumes that there is also a higher purpose beyond the obvious shock and horror, calling our attention to a more profound issue and call to action.

The bigger picture perspective does not take away the reality of intense suffering, neither does it condone wanton violence, nor promote revenge on a shooter with an untreated mental illness. It recognizes that since its primary function is policy making, the government will do its part by revamping gun control regulations and by mainstreaming medical help for mental illness.

However, the larger Cosmic issue presented to the entire world in this awful school massacre, is that we face a necessary course correction for all of humanity. The Cosmic spin points out that this is one more in a series of painful but urgent wake up calls to get with the program of our own upgraded evolution.

What Does This Mean?

For thousands of years we’ve been encouraged by all the wisdom teachings and teachers of the world to stop living a fear-based, insatiable, greedy, ego-driven life and to live instead from the loving perspective and higher intelligence of our hearts and souls. Now it is no longer about wise words, the wake up call is to shift our consciousness and our actions or we are the ultimate endangered species.

This Cosmic call to action, the only way to achieve lasting change, is to respectfully and carefully dismantle our current polarized world culture, which is based on myriad forms of ever repeating expressions of fear, polarity and separation. The opportunity in each of our hands (the whole world is truly in our hands) is to intentionally and simultaneously construct a world reality reflecting myriad forms and expressions of caring, unity and collaboration. A simple way of saying this is…it’s about time… and this is the timing…to evolve our collective human potential and co-create heaven on earth.

How To Do It?

Happily, this positive shift is totally in our individual and collective power. We all are given the gift of free will. We all have minds, hearts and souls. In every moment and in every situation big and small, we can use our free will to choose whether to base our responses to life on fear and ego or from the higher wisdom of our hearts and souls. In simple, everyday ways, we are called to learn to put the ego in the passenger seat of our lives and to place the heart/soul in the driver’s seat as consistently as possible.

We already know the expression, “Be the change you want to see.” The time is now. When enough individuals choose to accept this cosmic evolutionary call to action and live through the lens of the heart, we will collectively reach a tipping point, which will change the world paradigm.

The unacceptable killing of innocent children can find its highest purpose when these events not only capture the immediate, undivided attention of our hearts and minds on the news, but stimulate in each of us a new way of being, which is the absolute core of an imperative shift in this world.

If you would enjoy learning more about how to live this shift in your life, please listen to the series of free Heart Centered Meditations and Teachings on this site.