Lately people have been asking how to cope with the amount of upsetting events in the news. Here is a perspective and some suggestions which might help.

When the daily news has you stressed out, keep in your awareness that the collective reality of our world at the moment is fear-based. Therefore, as representatives of the fear-based collective, the media’s job is to report on and deliver a daily update of things about which to worry. They get an A+ in keeping fear alive. The news is merely a reflection of a reality structure based on fear. It is a not a personal thing.

When we get emotionally reactive about what is on the news, when our opinions chime in, when we take personally what is represented on the news, when we start getting mad or sad or scared…(talking back to the television, as I often do) ...guess what! We just got hooked. We want the reality to be different from what it is and what it is designed to be. We are fighting against what is. We are upset, stressed and the fight or flight chemistry in our bodies is activated. Now our energy is inadvertently contributing big time to the fear-based matrix. Ouch.

What to do?

1. Be more of an observer. Watch the news as information about what's going on in the polarized world of the fear-based reality. It can be useful to be informed. It is possible to care 100% and at the same time to consciously let your opinions and emotions move through like weather.The combination of caring, engaging and letting go leaves you clear and healthy.

2. Time it right. If you are tired and/or feeling emotionally vulnerable, don't subject yourself to the predictable barrage from the news (or a violent film, or TV show). Be aware that fear is addictive.Rather than getting sucked in, do something else.

3. Select books, films, programs which are inspiring because our humanity prevails…these themes open the heart, soothe the soul, inspire and support connection with who you really are.

4. Laugh often. Laughter, which is not at someone else's expense, breaks up negative emotions and stress.

5. Be the change you want to see.