When I am not in a rush, I go to the local Whole Grocer and walk up and down all the aisles, taking the time to look at what’s there. Discovering what I may not have previously noticed and new products on the shelves is like a treasure hunt. When something excites my curiosity and peaks my interest, I try it.

“Where did you find that food?” my friends ask eagerly. The answer is always, “Right here at the local Whole Grocer”.

I love to know what’s in all the aisles and what’s new. That perspective reveals to me what’s possible, inspires my creativity and expands my world.

Here is the BFO, the blind flash of the obvious! This practice of being an explorer and expanding my horizons holds true not only in the world of food.

So now I ask you, “Do you know what’s in the other aisles?” Is this a perspective on life you’d enjoy? If so, have fun exploring in the grocery store and everywhere else in your life!