Big changes are in process for everyone and for our entire planet. Please know that regardless of how it looks on the surface, this is an unprecedented evolutionary opportunity for humanity. The changes are going on at every level of the cosmos, which includes: our solar system and our earth, and our human world of countries, governments, institutions; and our personal lives of careers, relationships, our beliefs, our minds, our states of consciousness...down to changes in every cell in every living creature on this planet.

Simply stated, the bottom line purposes of all the rock and roll are: #1. to make it 100% clear that old ways do not work anymore; and: #2. the new ways require dislodging and letting go of anything that is based on fear, so that a state of higher consciousness and action can take hold and guide new possibilities. That higher state of consciousness, which when EMBODIED leads to higher actions, is love.

Everything is energy, and Love is an energy. Love is a higher vibration of energy than a different voltage of electricity. When the love energy in the universe is doing its best to plug in to us, and we can only sustain the voltage of fear...the new energy cannot connect. You cannot plug love voltage in to a fear outlet without creating a short circuit. Our individual and planetary circuitry needs to be able to accommodate the love voltage.

What is so great, is that we have all the software for the necessary upgrade inside us. We have the incredible power of our own consciousness. The tool kit of our consciousness includes:
  • Free will to choose to upgrade ourselves;
  • Self awareness to monitor any change we decide to implement, and quickly get back on track if need be.
  • A heart which is the key to it all because the heart connects us to our soul.
  • Our soul connects each person in to both Higher Intelligence and Higher Love, which is where the downloads to upgrade us reside!
  • Our job is to align ourselves and plug in!

  • One more special thing. Living in the Jackon Hole area of the Tetons give us here more energetic support to accomplish this upgrade in ourselves than most anywhere else on the planet. From an energy point of view, this area is the new Heart Center ( heart chakra) for the transforming new Earth. This Greater Yellowstone area is where important new energies from the stars and from the center of the planet intersect and blend.

    There is so much more to share about all this, and there are also practical things to learn to facilitate your shift. For right now, all you need to do, if you like, is to say YES (or NO or NOT NOW) to participating in your own evolution! A "yes" answer will jump start your own transformation...keeping in mind that you asked for it!!