Actual Mayan Prophecy: “On December 22 or 23, 2012 time as we know it will end.”

I was just at the beach in Mexico re-reading the Mayan Prophecies for our times, when I had a blind flash of the obvious (BFO). I realized that though I feel awe for the ancient Mayan seers, spending energy documenting, validating or fearing the predictions actually slows down my evolution. Why?

Two reasons. Number One: the predictions are already self-evident: they read like the daily newspapers...polar melting, extreme climate shifts, new diseases, religions and governments falling apart… proving them is a distraction from the real opportunity at hand.

The real focus is Number Two: I need my energy resources to accomplish the most important message in these predictions. The message is a call to action to contribute to a shift in consciousness, which will evolve our world. Short version: retire from the ego/fear driven life immediately! The message is not new. The timing and the “how to” are available now.

So my first priority, (and hopefully also yours) is to focus on making the personal, internal shift from fear-based thoughts and actions, to ones based on love… starting now.

I do not mean this in an airy-fairy way. I am talking about the only way to permanently evolve beyond the same old violations of human and planetary dignity, which have been repeating endlessly throughout human history.

This is not an intellectual shift. It is not about fixing anyone or anything. It is placing the heart and soul in the driver’s seat of our lives, and retiring the ego/mind to the passenger’s seat. It is living with an open heart, adopting heart-based wisdom as our primary fuel, and coming from this place no matter what. This means no longer being reactive to people/circumstances, which typically annoy us. It means coming from the big picture, heart/soul perspective even in the presence of the escalating list of planetary disasters.

All this is easy to say, and it is challenging to embody this shift. Let’s do this together. Let’s make the empowerment of the conscious minority a global phenomenon.

If you feel called to join me, every week my blog will include strategies, experiences, updates and support for becoming as conscious as possible now.

Enjoy the journey!