I have been musing on what the Mayans meant in their prophecy that "In 2012 time as we know it will end".

Before I jump in to my reflections, I want to mention that I am fully aware that the Mayan prophecies, the Hopi and other Native American prophecies, the Old and New Testament prophecies, the predictions of Nostradamus, and those of contemporary seers all report the same kinds of events for our time right now, each in their own imagery. I am focusing on the Maya because I was recently in Mexico walking the places where they once lived, and therefore I feel very keyed in to the Maya right now.

Because the Mayan priest/astronomers were the masters of accurately calculating calendars, when they say that "time as we know it will end," that means to me there will be the need for a new calendar, because events on the earth will require that time be calculated differently. To me, this is very exciting.

The Maya noted that every 5,125 years (which is in 2012) major changes occur in the composition, magnetism, and energy of our sun, which translate into dramatic shifts on and in the earth. Species become extinct; new life forms appear, and there is also an accompanying evolution in consciousness. Why we will need to measure time in a new way may be due to any combination of the following. This is my list; I am sure there are other possibilities:

  • A new calendar is required due to geologic and magnetic shifts on the earth and in the sun and/or
  • A shift in planetary consciousness includes functioning primarily in non-linear time, and/or
  • Being 100% in the present, there is no experience of time, and/or
  • A breakthrough in understanding more dimensions of how time/space operate requires a totally new way to measure both of these variables.

Please feel free to offer any additional insights in to this!

Next week, I will share the first of many suggestions the Maya offer for those who want to evolve their consciousness and become fully awake members of the Planetary Transition Team!