Adam passed the bar exam this year culminating many years of education on his way to practice law. But passing the bar turned out to be an unexpected wake–up call for Adam. Why? When he got the test results, he wasn’t thrilled. In fact, he felt awful, anxious, depressed and suddenly trapped. This was not supposed to be the reaction to passing the bar!

For months Adam fell into a serious depression and was not able to come up with answers about his path in life. Adam’s wife and other close friends who love him and have benefited from my work, urged him to schedule a Soul Reading with me. He was willing to try most anything to get to the core of the dilemma and to move forward.

During our session together, the pieces of the puzzle began to fall into place. Adam did want to help others, and he never did want to practice law. Deep down he knew all along that he actually has a soulful aversion to litigation, conflict, and the complications of less than noble human actions. But he so wanted to conform to what others in our current culture would most admire, that until now he had been able to deny his own truth.

Adam’s fondest love since childhood was being outdoors in nature, hiking, climbing mountains, skiing, biking or just being silent and alone in the forests not far from his house where he grew up on the East Coast. He always felt most alive being outside where the magnificence of nature was palpable and the vast horizons made his spirits soar. In fact he and his wife had recently left city living and moved to the mountains...where until his “allergic” reaction to passing the bar...he thought he might practice law!

As the result of reconnecting with the wisdom in his soul, Adam is choosing to follow his truth. With a law degree in his back pocket and the loving support of his wife, he is currently a ski instructor at America’s #1 Ski Resort. He cannot know where this may lead him professionally. He does know he can now be both happy and successful. This winter he is introducing others to his love for skiing in the magnificence of nature, where the big mountain vistas are an open invitation for everyone to explore all that is possible in life.

Now I invite you to ask your heart, “What is your true calling? What enlivens your life by bringing together what you love with how you can also contribute?” Once you know, I encourage you to follow Adam’s example and go for it!