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"I love Hu-mor's wise, direct, perspective. The channeled sessions have guided me through many significant life changes and have assisted me in 'getting' the meaning of my life lessons. Hu-mor is also playful, funny and always speaks to me in a way that I feel seen, known and loved." T.G.


Channeling is the ability to put self aside and become the conduit of information from higher dimensions of reality. For example, Mozart always stated that he did not create the music; he was the conduit for the music and his job was to write it down. On a more mundane level, most of us have had the experience of being asked a question and suddenly a wonderful and articulate answer flies out of your mouth before you have time to think about it. You might even say to yourself,” That was good, where did that come from?” Both the Mozart example and the every day one are instances of channeling…direct access to information of a higher nature…when the ego mind is out of the way.

My long-time experience with channeling is that by putting aside the filter of my ego self, I can access and communicate information from other, more evolved aspects of who I am. When I do this, I am not in a trance. However, my voice and energy shift, and when the session for a client is over, the channeled information fades rapidly, like a dream fades. (This is one of the reasons I tape record the sessions!)

Channeling Sessions

The frequency I channel is called Hu-mor…the energy is funny and incisive, and I have come to learn that the word Hu means Divine…thus Hu-mor also means More of the Divine! These sessions are a fun opportunity to ask questions about and to receive –no holds barred- answers to whatever your current concerns in life may be…from career, business decisions, health concerns, relationships, money…from the sublime to the absurd, from the practical to the philosophical. Interacting with Hu-mor is always a dynamic exchange, which will spur you on to whatever your “next” in life may be.

One- hour sessions with Hu-mor are available by phone appointment. Please email me, and I will send you the mailing address for payment, and schedule a phone time for the session. The fee is $250 for an hour and $125 for a half hour.