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Why Wait Cover
Wisdom for Life from Those Who Have Passed Over

$12.95 (plus shipping)

Dying is not the end. One of the ways that author Carol Mann uses her clairvoyant talents is to access what she calls "transmissions" from people who have passed. "Why Wait" includes her story and transmissions from 44 different people who died between the ages of 3 days old and 97 years old. The transmissions share information about what it's like to die, what happens afterwards, insights about life and death, and wisdom to upgrade our lives here and now. Each chapter concludes with a "Why Wait Meditation" to apply the pearls of wisdom from the transmissions to our every day lives.


Here are 5 common themes from what I call "transmissions" from the other side, which I hope will give you comfort:
1. Souls who have passed all report they are fine and very much alive.
2. They are as eager to communicate with us as we are with them.
3. The ego aspect of a person dismantles after death, allowing the love and wisdom of the person's soul to shine fully.
4. They love us regardless of what went down.
5. Their greatest wish is to alleviate our fear of death and for us to apply their new-found wisdom to upgrade our lives.

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2012 AD The Big Picture
2012 AD: The Big Picture

$10.00 (plus shipping)

The information and the exercises on this double CD set remain totally relevant.


Carol’s lively and intelligent double CD set is not about gloom and doom. Drawing from science, ancient prophecies for our times, and her own clairvoyant insights, she explains how shifts in our lives, our world and our solar system are setting the stage for an unprecedented evolutionary leap for humanity. Also included are many practical tools to help you evolve with the changes. 


The audiobook is also available online at:


Ark Name Pendants


Choice of Stone
Chain Type & Length
Your Ark Name


Nearly a decade ago, I traveled with my dear friends Maia and Simeon on a sacred journey to Egypt. As part of that experience Maia received Ark Names for each person in the group. (The Ark name is the frequency of that individual’s Ascended Self.) I then wrote the symbols of the names on a tiny piece of parchment scroll and sealed it inside a pendant designed specifically for each individual.

We are excited to announce that we are collaborating once again on these pendants. Ark Name PENDANTS are now available for those of you who either already have received your Ark Name from Maia, or wish to. I will make a pendant for you containing your Ark Name. It would require that you have (or have had) an Ark Name session with Maia first. If you already have your Ark name, I am happy to make a pendant for you with the name inside. If you’d like to have Maia access your Ark name, let me know and I will forward that on to Maia and she will contact you.

The pendants are either silver dipped in gold or silver. The stones are all authentic. The chains are gold or silver. Thank you for giving me artistic license on a few of the details.


soul readings

with Carol Mann

Initial Soul Reading: $250.00


A Soul Reading is a one-of-a-kind clairvoyant glimpse into the blueprint of your soul and the multi-dimensional puzzle of who you are. Sessions are one hour long and they will be recorded for you. The information in the Reading will be relevant your entire life. The Soul Reading will include specific information about what you are naturally designed to contribute, and what you intend to evolve in yourself this lifetime. It will address your natural talents and skills, what nourishes your soul, detailed information about past lives and karmic patterns which can now be resolved, and practical suggestions for doing this. With the insights this experience offers, you will hold the keys to choosing what deeply fulfills you in every aspect of life...from career to relationships, family, friends and health...body, mind and spirit.


Purchase a Soul Reading certificate for yourself or as a gift for someone else! To schedule a time for your session please contact Carol at 307-690-8930 or email carol@yourcosmiccafe.com.

Follow Up Sessions

Soul Reading Follow Up: $150.00

Purchase a follow up session after your initial soul reading. Please contact Carol at 307-690-8930 or email carol@yourcosmiccafe.com to schedule your session.