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Here are some press/media articles from various newspapers and magazines.

Holistic Mountain Healing Program read more
Mann uses her gift to guide people to their true calling. read more
Carol receives Planet JH's Staff Pick for Best Way to get Metaphysical read more
Review of Carol's new book "Why Wait: Wisdom for Life from Those Who Have Passed Over" by Jackson Hole News & Guide. read more
What piqued my interest the most was a soul reading by Jackson Hole's Carol Mann, who promises "a one-of-a-kind clairvoyant glimpse into the blueprint of your soul and the multi-dimensional puzzle of who you are." read more
Tell her your name before your meeting and the 'rest' comes to her; ready for interpretation. Locals from Jackson and beyond regularly visit with Mann. This unique gift to provide a blueprint of your soul will enable you to create a path for the present. read more
A visit with cosmic consultant Carol Mann will offer insights as to where your soul has been. read more
In true holistic spirit, the Spring Creek spa goes beyond sole therapy to offer soul therapy. Spring Creek has wisely handpicked Carol Mann, a Harvard-educated, self-declared "clairvoyant" to be their spa's resident metaphysician read more
During the session, Mann outlines a client's life meaning and purpose, what he or she is meant to contribute, and karmic patterns from past lives. read more
Mann's two-disc audio release, 2012: The Big Picture, describes what is happening, physically and metaphysically, and how individuals can become a part of the evolution; how to catch the "cosmic wave" that can either carry our souls to shore with grace and ease or crash us on our ego-based, fearful heads. read more
It's easy to be overwhelmed by the majesty outside, but a soul reading with Carol Mann can reveal an equally expansive inner view that is no less inspired... read more
For those wishing to delve into the more spiritual side of life, Carol Mann, a local radio host and reader of souls, will take your spa experience to a whole other level. Her hour-long "soul reading" is an eye-opening... read more
It's a great way to frame your last day before delving into the spiritual side of life with Carol Mann, a reader of souls who takes your spa experience to a new level. read more
The spa also offers several mind, body and spirit treatments, including the recently introduced Soul Readings... read more
Don't make the same mistake twice searching for The One... read more