July 27, 2009
by Jill Adler, Associate Editor, MountainGetaway.com

Imagine Grizzly Adams, Home on the Range, and rugged mountain peaks when you conjure Jackson Hole in the summer. It's also an ideal spot for rejuvenation. The Have It All Package from Teton Mountain Lodge & Spa is a plush way to take in the legendary Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, Wyoming's Grand Teton National Park,Yellowstone National Park, and your own personal senses. Get three nights in a lodge guest room and $300 in resort credit that can be used for dining, shopping, and "spa-ing" with rates that start at $762.

Teton Mountain Lodge & Spa in Teton Village delivers luxury lodging from the hotel rooms to the one and two-bedroom suites, the Cascade Restaurant and the three-story, 16,000-square-foot Solitude Spa for body treatments, massages, facials, nail services, and soul readings.

My daughter Sage was a puppeteer in Old World Europe. She travelled thousands of miles, like a gypsy, with her family, performing for both street urchins and royalty. She lived to entertain and make others laugh. At least, she did in one of her past lives according to Jackson Hole clairvoyant Carol Mann.

Mann will tell you she connects to the World Wide Universe and downloads your cosmic data. All she needs is your first and last name. She doesn't need to meet you; she doesn't even need to hear you. An e-mail will do. But you'll honestly want to book a one-hour session with Mann through the Solitude Spa or the Spring Creek Ranch for a face-to-face experience unlike anything you've ever had.

Tell her your name before your meeting and the 'rest' comes to her; ready for interpretation. Locals from Jackson and beyond regularly visit with Mann. This unique gift to provide a blueprint of your soul will enable you to create a path for the present. Want to know why you live the life you do, choose the partners you choose, the career you have? Sure, the experience can be obliterated by skeptics. It can be refuted by believers. Either way, the information and its delivery is better than a visit to a fortuneteller or call to the Psychic Hotline.

Sage married and had a family of her own but never got over the death of her mother. Her zest for life and joy she gave others through her puppetry withered. She quit. The greatest love of her life had left her and she no longer cared about the world around her.

The readings include specific information about your natural talents and skills, what nourishes your soul, information about your past lives, karmic patterns which can be let go now and practical suggestions for doing this. Your session is burned to a CD so you'll have a lasting reminder.

It's my job as Sage's mother, Mann told me, to teach her about life's ups and downs and show her that no matter what tragedies occur there is still beauty in the world and joy to share. I wish I could remember more but I went home with a blank CD. Accident or Karma?

I do recall that every one of my past lives involved being born to families of privilege. I had servants, fine things, and the best education. My life was planned by others and I had no say in what I wanted. Mann reasoned that I live my own life now, shunning advice, convention, and riches in order to rebel, "fix", and end the cycle of restraint. I'm not interested in marriage because in my past I was forced into marriage. My arm hairs bristle.

Mann will do individual readings first if you book a session as a couple, which give you the expanded understanding of who you are. Then she provides insight into the unique soul connections, karmic challenges, and higher purposes for coming together. There's something you need to learn from this relationship, she'll explain that. She'll also show you how to support each other's strengths and how to no longer take each other's patterns personally. Maybe because this is written in the stars rather than by a trained therapist, you hear the lesson.

If you have $250, a soul reading from Carol Mann is one of those underground-must-do-while-in-Jackson-Hole events you will never forget; even if your CD turns out to be blank.