Winter 2008
by Hilary Nagle, Organic Spa: Winter 2008

Spring Creek Ranch & Spa tops a butte in Jackson, Wyoming, delivering endless views up and down Jackson Hole, that grass, wildlife-filled valley framed by the soaring peaks of the Grand Teton range. It's easy to be overwhelmed by the majesty outside, but a soul reading with Carol Mann can reveal an equally expansive inner view that is no less inspired.

Mann's passion is connecting with the wisdom inherent in one's soul. Reading souls is a gift she's had since childhood. "Soul read is gathering clues about who we are, what we are doing here, and how to be mindful enough to live to our highest potential right now," she says. "It provides a more expansive awareness of who you truly are, what you're designed to contribute, what you're intending to evolve into in this life, and what it is you're working on to achieve."

By meditating on a name, she taps into what she terms "soul sense," what others might describe as deja vu, that eerie, sometimes ski-prickly feeling that you've previously been somewhere or experience something, but can't explain why. "There are many ways of knowing something, some knowledge is linear and comes from data input by the senses; soul knowledge is more direct and intuitive," she says. "Soul knowledge is a wisdom that follows your soul throughout its incarnations."

During a reading, Mann focuses on what's right with you, revealing the purpose and function of your soul, and giving insight into past life experiences and how they affect your current incarnation. "My simplified definition of karma," she says, "is that anything not about love will require a course correction eventually."

In a sense, she says, her reading provides a blueprint of the soul, making it easier to make choices and decisions based on who you truly are and to use your skills and talents in ways that complement your purpose here on earth. "It helps you put together the pieces of the puzzle of who you are; most people have an inkling, but this connects the dots."