Wednesday, January 07, 2009
By Henry Sweets

Jackson Hole, Wyo.-As long as people have existed, so too have war, hunger, poverty and natural disasters – the latter of which, believe it or not, existed before humankind.

But the world is heating up. Its economy implodes on a false sense of wealth that continues to evaporate. The Mayan Calendar is coming to an end. All the world’s armies are present, to the greatest extent since the crusades, near a little place in Northern Israel called Har-Magedon (Armageddon.) New magnetisms are invading our planet...and that’s just the tip of the (melting) iceberg.

So what does it all mean?

Well, most of the chatter on obscure sci-fi blogs and bar stools around the world imply that the world will come to an end around 2012.

But local clairvoyant Carol Mann sees a different horizon – a reordering of the way people think and exist. The sum-total of human psyches’ energy will shift away from fear-sourced thinking to love-sourced thinking, she says. The resulting energy will not only foster different ways of thought, but will also allow molecular changes in human biology – because our water-based bodies thrive in loving, non-threatening environments – and evolve our race at a faster pace.

Mann's two-disc audio release, 2012: The Big Picture, describes what is happening, physically and metaphysically, and how individuals can become a part of the evolution; how to catch the "cosmic wave" that can either carry our souls to shore with grace and ease or crash us on our ego-based, fearful heads.

Using separate Hopi and Mayan prophecies, Mann tells us how a 26,000-year cyclical clock is about to reset itself. Since time is non-linear, she said, the end of the Mayan calendar doesn’t mean the end of the world is coming, but that time will reset itself and in the process will bump humanity's functionality up a notch. It’s all in the prophecy, Mann maintains.

Mann says that the shift in reality, and collective consciousness, will culminate on or around Dec. 21, 2012.

Planet Jackson Hole caught up with her, last Friday, to talk about what’s going to happen, and how it might play out in our own lives.

Planet JH: The title of your CD is The Big Picture, and you see things, so what does the big picture of this 2012 hubbub look like?

Carol Mann: Well the idea of the CD is to inform people that the changes and rock-n-roll that are going on in everybody’s life are part of a very much bigger picture.

Evolution is happening and we’re a part of it. It’s a huge shift. And its not just the stock market, its bigger than that.

Every person's individual consciousness influences whether the outcome of the change is done with smoothness and more grace and ease, or whether it is a tragic, traumatic mess. But things are going to move forward whether we do or not.

PJH: And these two prophecies you talk about, the Maya and the Hopi, they say that around 2012 there will be a shift from fear to love, and the shift from ego to soul?

CM: Yes, both of them. They all are talking about the same thing.

PJH: And even these other prophecies, say from the Bible or Nostradamus, are they also talking about reality shifting from fear-based to love-based?

CM: Yes.

Reality is a structural thing. Not personal. Meaning that whatever the quality, whatever the attribute, at the hub of the wheel of reality determines what the spokes of the wheel will be about. When you put fear at the hub of a collective reality, because it’s a structure, and structures want to become unified with themselves, the spokes of the wheel will be various and sundry reflections, iterations, whatever of the collective reality. And the collective reality of this world for thousands of years has been fear-based. And to shift that means that you and I and some critical mass of people shift our M.O., or modus operandi, from coming from fear to coming from love. And I don’t mean by love mushy-gushy love, I mean to include things like collaboration and unity and passion.

PJH: So our culture has been evolving, and there's been more and more love in it? Is that why we’re reaching this tipping point?

CM: We’re reaching a tipping point because the Earth needs to evolve, because we’ve taken this trip of fear-based, ego-based greed and so on, to the point where we’ll take down the whole show or we’ve got to change and upgrade. And probably both things will occur.

PJH: So, as we're heading in that direction, how will I, or anyone, prepare ourselves for this tipping point?

CM: To contribute to the tipping point, actually. Some people will know at a more intuitive level that they're part of the group that will facilitate the tipping point, by emphasizing shifting, embodying, living, loving behaviors and not copping to all the fear stuff that's all around.

The economy is crashing, right? Given that specific example, a person has a choice to either respond to that as a victim or to respond to that and look for the message. The message is too much stuff is keeping us away from our higher possibilities. So really it’s not that we are the victims of this crash. Yes we all have less money, but the higher purpose of that, or I guess the silver lining, is to examine more closely what do I really need? What really makes me happy? What do I really want to be doing in my life? And start doing those things.

The movement will be away from fear as the basis to love as the basis of how you function, think, create and so on. That shifts the center of our reality being about fear to a collective reality being about love. The shift is being supported by actual measurable events in the cosmos.

PJH: What is going on in the cosmos, anyway?

CM: Changes in the sun, the magnetic fields of the different planets, climate change in our planet, ...huge openings in the ozone field, all kinds of energy that can come in that normally can't's a long list.

PJH: My understanding of your CD is that we all have our own magnetic fields and since there's all this energy bombarding us then potential for new ways of living abounds?

CM: Everything affects everything, so that when the magnetic fields of the sun are changing, that means that the magnetic fields of the earth are going to be impacted. And that means every living creature on this earth is going to be impacted, and some of those symptoms of the impact happen to be things like not sleeping well, being irritated, or tired without an explanation like you stayed up all night, people that used to feel like your best friend, suddenly don't fit anymore, relationships don't work anymore, jobs you can't work...there's this whole shake-up going on to try and get human beings to get back to what really matters, to what’s really important at a soul level in terms of being all that we can really be.

PJH: And what can I tangibly do to maintain my own magnetic field, and be enough in touch with it to know what’s going on? To be what I can be?

CM: For you, it would be to become aware of when you are doing things because your ego is driving you, and when you are doing things because it's coming from a much higher, deeper place in your own awareness. Just so you know, the ego is the part of every human being that can never - underline never - be satisfied. Never. The ego is either coming up short or coming up superior or needs this to feel good or wants that to feel good or is criticizing and judging in order to feel better. It is just endless. That's the part of each of us that gets seduced by, you know, advertising and the need you have to have this and that and the idea that somehow there’s something outside of us that’s going to make us feel really good.

PJH: Is that why the anti-consumerism movement is gaining so much momentum right now?

CM: It has to. If you read it at a big-picture level, we are all being required by the economy to simplify. So if you’re being anti-consumer, then you’re just on the other side of being consumer; you’re in a polarized status.

The shift is not going to be polarized. The shift is that you're going to be for living a simpler life.

PJH: OK, but I kind-of like it when things are complicated, and in your CD you call this fear-based reality seductive. I love polarity, and my fear-based existence excites me. So what's going to happen to all of that?

CM: Your attachment, your liking polarity keeps you hooked into this reality.

PJH: A world with no conflict would be boring to me.

CM: To you. Is there life after war? We'd have to discover it. What kinds of things that we can't even perhaps imagine could present themselves when we’re not distracting ourselves all the time with fighting? The soul says there are frontiers of consciousness beyond this that are so enormous you're not going to miss conflict.

PJH: OK, but what about the "critical mass." A lot of people think that the masses don't really want to change. So how are they going to start to want to change?

CM: Because they don't have a choice. The people who deny climate change, sooner than later, are going to have to deal with it, either by saying, "Well, we don't have water," "We don't have air," or "All the species are dying," and every species is inter-dependent with another, so the house of cards starts to fall apart. So when that happens, do we catalyze to upgrade it or do we just go down the tubes because we don’t have any oxygen to breathe or water to drink?

PJH: Back to the frontiers of consciousness. In your CD, you ask me to get in touch with my future self. Which I thought was funny because I make jokes about channeling my future selves, you know, a lot. Like I bought these leather slippers, because they made me feel like I was an old Greek man wearing a tank top and some slacks and these slippers in the Mediterranean somewhere.

CM: Past present or future?

PJH: I thought it was the future, but now I think I was kind of channeling a past life of my soul to alter my own body's future. Nevertheless, I felt an urgency to buy these slippers. What's that all about?

CM: My sense is that you're plugging in to something from another time, or from simultaneous time. That's how big this thing is. Did you realize you could be living two simultaneous lifetimes?

PJH: That's too heavy for me. I don't want to go there right now.

CM: All right, we don't have to. But, you see, its like you have had this interest in philosophy and trying to understand the simple truths of life - every incarnation you've ever had - so if you're wearing the slippers that make you feel you are in Greece; and what you’re actually doing is bringing into your current awareness information and experiences that you've actually had so that you can apply them now. Its almost like you're gathering pieces and parts of yourself in order that they all coalesce and move you forward now.

PJH: Is that the same as how I always joke about having lots of alter-egos, and give them names?

CM: Uh-huh. They're actually part of the multi-dimensional aspect of who you really are.

PJH: I see. Interesting. And do people become more in touch with that multi-dimensionality. And is that really important in this time, moving towards 2012, to be in touch it?

CM: It's likely that those pieces of ourselves are coming to be known. I think it is part of...almost putting together the pieces of who you are, and making some kind of coherent sense out of it. So that you can on–purpose evolve in the way that you intend, and on-purpose make the contributions for which you are designed.

PJH: What are ways to get in touch with that multi-dimensionality?

CM: Somebody might feel they need to see different part of the world. Some people might just feel they need to learn something they've always wanted to learn...

PJH: Like pick up a book or something?

CM: Or walk into a bookstore and be open to whatever seemingly randomly pops in your head that you want to look at. But what I'm saying is things are not really random, and that the more aware you are of how not-random things are the more things move forward quicker, more swiftly, more expansively with more ease. Its like, very few people ask themselves, "what do I really want?" We're all caught up with what someone else wants or what we think we want or the right resume, or the right political correctness.

What if we all really could know what we really want, who we really want to hang out with, what we really want to spend our time doing, and do it? That will straighten out so much of the mess. - PJH