Planet Jackson Hole

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One day Carol Mann's two cats wandered over to Kathie Chandler's house while Chandler was healing from her car accident. The two women were neighbors at the time but didn't know each other. Chandler called Mann to ask if the cats belonged to her and if she wanted to come and get them. "No, they will return home when their work with you is done," Mann said. And that's exactly what happened-the cats stayed for two months while Chandler was on the mend. Now, the two women share a friendship and mutual bond offering metaphysical services.

Mann's weekly column Cosmic Cafe in Planet Jackson Hole is widely read and appreciated for its interplanetary wisdom. "The soul is to a human being as a cloud drive is to a computer," Mann said. "The soul records everything it has experienced since it was created. When a person is able to access this, they have access to a true cosmic internet."

The former psychology professor, radio personality and decade-long Grand Targhee owner offers soul readings: "a clairvoyant glimpse into the blueprint of your soul, revealing information about your current life's purpose, what you are intending to evolve in yourself now, and what you are naturally designed to contribute in this life."

She also provides transmissions from those who have passed on, channeling, workshops, and life coaching with an intuitive twist.

- Jessica Flammang