September 2008
by Michael Nassar, Spa Magazine

Jackson Hole is that rare place where nature meets nurture. Encircled by the Teton Range and dotted with visual reminders of its frontier past, the region is also home to modern LEED-certified spas, elegant organic restaurants, and eco-chic resorts that blend seamlessly into the landscape. With two of America's greatest national parks (Grand Teton and Yellowstone) within easy reach, as well as the Rockies' most notoriously heart-thumping ski trails, the Jackson Hole Valley is a four-season slice of Wyoming heaven where ample food for the body make for a perfect weekend in the wild.

Enjoy breakfast in bed as you gaze out at the mountains. It's a great way to frame your last day before delving into the spiritual side of life with Carol Mann, a reader of souls who takes your spa experience to a new level. Her hour-long Soul Reading is an eye-opening revelation of your life's purpose and an unraveling of past-life behaviors that cross over to today. The session is recorded onto CD so you can digest it later.