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"In 1993 I had my first Soul Reading with Carol. I walked into her office and tears welled up because I could feel immediately that she was in perfect resonance with the essence of my soul. Over the years, subsequent Readings and Channeling Sessions have guided me to remember who I am, why I came here, and how to stay on course. I have the utmost gratitude and admiration for her and her work. Her gift is immeasurable." B.E.
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About Soul Readings

Soul Readings are available for individuals, couples, children, therapists and health care professionals... I have even done Soul Readings for businesses describing the inherent core challenges (karma) and higher purpose of the entire enterprise.

For me, the world's most compelling detective story is gathering clues about who we are, what we are doing here, and how to be mindful enough to live our highest potential right now. My passion is to help people connect with the wisdom of their soul. This is where we each have a wealth of information about who we are, where we have been before, what we are intending to contribute and to learn in this life, and what we are each working with to accomplish this.

What You Can Discover

A Soul Reading contains information which will be relevant your entire life. This is a one-of-a-kind clairvoyant glimpse into the blueprint of your soul and and the multi-dimensional puzzle of who you are.

The Soul Reading will include specific information about what you are naturally designed to contribute, and what you intend to evolve in yourself this lifetime. It will address your natural talents and skills, what nourishes your soul, detailed information about past lives and karmic patterns which can now be resolved, and practical suggestions for doing this. With the insights this experience offers, you will hold the keys to choosing what deeply fulfills you in every aspect of life...from career to relationships, family, friends and health...body, mind and spirit.

Who Benefits from Soul Readings

Soul Readings can be helpful and eye-opening for almost anyone of any age from every walk of life who is curious to have a deeper awareness of themselves and their life's purpose. The information from the soul perspective sheds incredibly useful and practical light on everything from relationship issues, health challenges, unexplained fears and other emotional difficulties,to deciding where to live, and finding ideal work situations. As a past client has said,"A Soul Reading is not therapy, but it is like a lifetime of therapy in one session. This was truly life-changing. I know I wil re-listen to my CD throughout my whole life."