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"Carol's Readings on each of my kids have pointed out to me the challenges facing them, the talents they come in with, and where it is my job to help them. This is very, very helpful guidance for a parent to have. I lean on it, especially when times are tough." J.A.

"Carol has done Soul Readings with fourteen members (three generations!) of our family. Sharing our Readings with each other has created so much more connection with and compassion for everyone. A Soul Reading from Carol is indeed a gift; the best gift you can give yourself or your loved ones." C.K.
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For Your Children...even newborns

These Soul Readings allow you to be more conscious parents. The sessions reveal who your children are at a soul level so that you can hold the loving context for them to become who they intend to be. This includes supporting your child's natural talents and helping them deal constructively with their karmic challenges (without trying to solve their challenges for them or taking their struggles personally). The Reading will also clarify why they are with you (whether or not you are the birth parents), and what your soul intends to learn from their presence in your lives.

If your child is old enough and would like, I can do the Soul Reading for them directly. If the Reading is just for your information, I will ask the child's soul for permission to share this sacred information before I proceed. Many people enjoy having a Soul Reading for their children when they are born, in order to be more conscious parents right from the beginning.

Soul Readings for Children can either be done either by phone or in person.The fee for phone sessions is $250. If you are in Jackson Hole where we can schedule an appointment in person, the fee is $300. Please contact me via email or phone to schedule an appointment. Payment can be made with credit card, check or mail order.

I will record all Readings, and burn you a CD of the session.