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"I have had a couple's session with Carol. What I say point blank when suggesting this to anyone else, is that one couple's session with Carol is more helpful than two years of couple's therapy. And I am a therapist!" J.A.
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For Couples

Ideally you and your partner first have individual Soul Reading Sessions which give each of you the expanded understanding of who you are as individuals. The Soul Reading for Partners then provides insight into the unique soul connections, karmic challenges, and higher purposes for coming together. You will gain deeper insight into what you are each intending to learn in this relationship, how to support each other’s strengths, and how to no longer take each other’s patterns personally.

Note: If you would like a partner’s Soul Reading just for your information, I will ask the person’s soul for permission to share this very sacred information with you before I proceed.

Couples Readings can be done by phone or in person. If you have already had individual Soul Readings with me, the fee is $400. If not, the fee for the Couples Reading is $500. Payment can be by credit card, check, or money order. Please contact me by email or by phone to schedule a session.

I will record and burn a CD of your Couples Reading for you.