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Frequently Asked Questions

Am I going to hear bad things?
The focus of the Soul Reading is to give you a glimpse into the unique design, history and current life direction of your soul so you can live a truly fulfilling life here and now. The information reveals from the soul perspective what is right about you, what nourishes your soul, how current life and past life events fit into your evolution, and how best to support what your soul is uniquely designed to contribute and to learn right now. If you are still carrying with you now reactions to unpleasant past life experiences, you will be so relieved to at last know "why", and with that comes the chance to be free of those old patterns.Bottom line: You will have the keys to move forward knowing more deeply who you are and your current life’s purpose.

Do you predict the future?
I do not predict the future. The future is a series of probabilities…what occurs depends on which probabilities a given person chooses to activate. I choose to not influence any of those choices. What I can do based on your Soul Reading, is to help you determine the elements that will work best and fulfill you most in every aspect of life right now.

Can you read my mind?
I cannot read your mind. My gift is to access information from your soul only if and when you ask for a reading. When I am not working, I am not tuned in that way. I am just having my own life and pursuing other interests.

Is this therapy?
This is not therapy, and the content of the Soul Reading is definitely therapeutic. You will now have many of the pieces of the full puzzle of who you are. This will explain and put into perspective many things about you. The Reading is like a map. As follow-up to your Reading, you may want to share the tape with your therapist, life coach, acupuncturist, body worker as further support to help you dismantle old patterns and align more fully with your soul’s design. This would be your choice, and your own selection of professionals to help you.

Can I do more than one Soul Reading?
Yes. There are many more avenues to explore. When I access the soul for a Reading, the "download" from your soul is exactly what is most relevant for you to know and what you can best absorb in that timing.  In subsequent Soul Readings you might like to explore the possibility that someone you are close to now has been part of a past life. You might have specific and extensive questions stimulated by the original Soul Reading, which you’d like to have answered. And you might enjoy some coaching sessions with me as you put into action the information and insights from your Soul Reading. As you apply the learning and evolve in your life, entirely new information and guidance from you soul becomes available in a Reading.

Can I get a Soul Reading on someone else in my life for my own information?
Yes. And I always ask that person’s soul for permission. The majority of times permission is granted. Occasionally, there will be someone who just does not want you to have the information… at least not now. If that is the case, I will tell you, and there will be no charge.

How is a Soul Reading useful to me right now?
This glimpse into the blueprint of your soul will put many pieces of the puzzle of who you are, where you’ve been, what your natural talents and skills are, what kinds of work and relationships suit you best, and how to proceed to fulfill what you came in to contribute and what you intend to evolve in yourself. For some people it will explain long-standing and thus far unexplained fears and phobias; for others it will confirm a career direction; for others it will inspire new creativity. Always you will have a deeper understanding of who you are and what you are doing here. This information will help you make so much more sense of the events of your life now, and give you clarity on things you might want to change, if you so choose.