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"As a personal coach and psychic Carol's gifts are exceptional! Over the past 3 years she has artfully and lovingly escorted me through the complexities of my life. Her insight and clear discernment are consistently to the core and heart of every issue." M.R.
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Practical Follow-up AND TUNE-ups

This is the opportunity for support in applying the insights of your Soul Reading to your every day life. This is the time to ask questions stimulated by your Soul Reading in order to move beyond old, limiting patterns. You may want to explore specific dynamics of a current relationship, career choice, health concerns, or a geographical move in light of what is congruent with the design of your soul. This is an appropriate session (or series of sessions) at any time to update and move forward on your path.

You have the choice of doing this follow up via email,and/or by phone appointment, and/ or in person. The fee will be determined based on the number of questions and/or the amount of phone time you would like. An hour of email time is $150; half an hour is $75. An hour of phone time is $150; half an hour is $75. If you are in Jackson Hole, appointments at my in-town office are $150 for an hour and $75 for a half hour. Email your preference and I will follow up by contacting you.