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"I am a physician, a psychiatrist in private practice and on the voluntary faculty of a major teaching hospital. I have utilized Carol's work for many years with my patients. Most I have sent directly to her for Soul Readings on the phone. The patients have then shared with me the tapes of their session with Carol. In some cases I have asked her for information strictly for me, to enrich my understanding. On occasion, I have asked her to obtain a Transmission from the Beyond as an adjunct to my work with a patient.

It is not only what Carol can do which is so helpful, but how she does it. She has a way of relaying information that is always positive, absorbable, compassionate and therapeutic. I count on this from Carol when she works with my patients, and my trust has always been well placed.

Confidentiality bars me from providing details, but I can say the all of Carol's services have been enormously helpful to the individuals and to me in my clinical work. In one case it was actually lifesaving, and I say this with seriousness." J.A., M.D.
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soul readings

A resource for Psychotherapists and Health Care Practitioners

Soul Readings for clients/patients will reveal the soul level origins of current emotional and physical patterns, issues and health challenges. This offers an additional source of insight to facilitate your work.

Soul Readings for clients can hone in on the pivotal events in a soul’s history where that person’s interpretation of events initiated physical and emotional patterns repeating to this day. Often this information is the piece of the puzzle which facilitates a catharsis, freeing the client from lifetimes of burdensome patterns.

For people with life-threatening illness, this soul-level information facilitates healing whether or not there is also a cure. These Readings also reveal soulful talents and strengths to draw upon right now.

These sessions can be done either directly with the client (who then shares their CD of the session with you) or strictly for the use for the therapist/health practitioner. In the later case, I ask the client’s soul permission before I proceed.

Soul Readings for your clients/patients can be done by phone or in person. The fee for the phone option is $250; in person the fee is also $250.. Please contact me by email or phone to schedule appointments. Payment can be by credit card, check, or money order.

I will record and burn a CD of your Reading for you.