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How I Work & Fees

The only thing that I need to know in advance to do a Soul Reading is a person's first and last name. The frequency of the name acts like a cosmic soul directory. From the name I receive the download of information from your soul.

There are three different ways for me to share the Soul Reading information with you. This will be your choice.

Option #1: I will record  and then burn you a CD of the "download" from your soul, which I will mail to you. After you have listened to your CD a number of times, you can email me a couple of questions stimulated by your session, which I will answer by email. The fee for this is $200.

Option #2: The second option for your Soul Reading is to schedule a one-hour phone session with me. Because the phone session is interactive, and will include time for your questions and comments, it is a richer experience. I will record our phone session, burn you a CD of it, and mail you the CD. The fee for this is $250.

Option #3: The third option is to schedule the session in person if you are here in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. I have an office in town. The fee is $250.

Fees and Logistics

You may contact me by email or by phone with your choice of options on the Soul Readings and for all the other services on this website. When emailing, please include your name, phone and mailing address. You can pay credit card, by check or money order. As soon as I have received payment, I will contact you to schedule the phone session or an appointment in person. If you are requesting the option that I mail your CD, I will put that in the mail as soon as I have your payment.

CANCELLATION POLICY: If you have scheduled a phone session or a time in person and for some reason cannot keep the appointment, I require 24 hour advance notice in order that you not be charged. If you let me know of the change in a timely fashion, we can reschedule at no extra fee.

Email: carol@yourcosmiccafe.com
Phone: 307-690-8930
Mailing Address: 970 West Broadway, Suite E #500, Jackson, WY 83001.