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"The transmissions I have received from my mother and dear friends have been truly life changing for me. I feel great joy in knowing how they are doing, and to receive such profound wisdom and very personal communication from them. I have saved quotes from the 'other side' that have become my mottos for living." T.G.


Since my direct access with people is always at the soul level, the same is true in these transmissions from loved ones no longer alive on this earth plane. I began doing these transmissions in 1998 when my brother and his wife perished in the crash of a commercial airline. A friend urged me to apply my clairvoyant skills to communicate with them. Over the years, I periodically check in with my family on the other side, and always learn so much about what life is like in their reality, and how much they appreciate the chance to communicate with us here!

Clients have also benefited from the kind of soulful information which I am able to access, which includes information on where loved ones are now and what it is like, what they are learning and doing, reflections on the life they just completed, and wisdom or advice they would like to pass on to loved ones still alive.

Here is an excerpt from a Transmission from a young man who died in the military:

When you die, all the fear is over. Like you are in one bad movie about fear, and heat, stench and war… and then that movie is over, and you step into the daylight. I was met by groups of men who have already died. I recognized a few of them. They greeted me like some brother who has come home into the arms of the best family you could ever imagine. I said something dumb to them like, "I thought all of you are supposed to be dead." And they said, "We are." Then there was a lot of laughing, cause you get it, you are dead, too. And yet you are all fine. We are having a conversation. No one is wounded. Or sick. Or deformed. We have a sense of humor. The feeling is the best brotherhood thing you could ever imagine...

Please email me the name of the person you would like to contact, and questions you would like to ask them (keeping in mind that my access is soul related). I will email you the address for payment. Once I receive your payment, I will email you the Transmission. After you have read the Transmission a number of times, if you like you can email me several questions which you would like clarified. The fee is $200. Or you can receive the Transmission via email and arrange a phone time to ask your several questions. The fee is $250.

Carols New Book
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Why Wait Cover


Why Wait...
Wisdom For Life From Those Who Have Passed Over

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Dying is not the end. One of the ways that author Carol Mann uses her clairvoyant talents is to access what she calls "transmissions" from people who have passed. "Why Wait" includes her story and transmissions from 44 different people who died between the ages of 3 days old and 97 years old. The transmissions share information about what it's like to die, what happens afterwards, insights about life and death, and wisdom to upgrade our lives here and now. Each chapter concludes with a "Why Wait Meditation" to apply the pearls of wisdom from the transmissions to our every day lives.


Here are 5 common themes from what I call "transmissions" from the other side, which I hope will give you comfort:
1. Souls who have passed all report they are fine and very much alive.
2. They are as eager to communicate with us as we are with them.
3. The ego aspect of a person dismantles after death, allowing the love and wisdom of the person's soul to shine fully.
4. They love us regardless of what went down.
5. Their greatest wish is to alleviate our fear of death and for us to apply their new-found wisdom to upgrade our lives.

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