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"Having participated in three of Carol's workshops, I can recommend her as a masterful teacher and skillful facilitator. Carol's workshops are mind expanding and illuminating, to say the least! It is a delight and a privilege to work with her." M.R.

workshops, classes & consulting

...can be two hour mini-workshops to week-long retreats. I always design each workshop/class to reflect what is current in the world and what will take the participants to whatever their "next" may be. The content is a blend of esoteric teachings, wisdom traditions of the world, scientific research and real-life experiences. The format always includes experiential exercises, information, channeling, personal sharing and the opportunity for questions. I will be posting a schedule of upcoming workshops. If you would like to put together a group of interested people where you live, I am also available to travel. (See the Contact Page on this website.)

Sample topics include:

  • Living the Blueprint of Your Soul
  • The Art, Science and Practice of Forgiveness
  • Accessing Your Inner Guidance: Knowing What is True
  • Gathering Clues to Your Past Lives
  • Discovering Your Higher Calling
  • Identifying and Clearing Karmic Patterns
  • Exploring Your Starry Origins
  • Higher Love: Relationship and Family in the New Paradigm
  • How to Take the Emotional High Road in Life
  • Calibrate to the Ascension


Personal Statement:

I specialize in adding the dimension of your soul's wisdom and its unique design to maximizing effectiveness in teamwork, hiring, business strategies, relationships and decision making. I am skillful at revealing to individuals and groups, the full repertoire of their capabilities and challenges, inspiring them to their full potential, and teaching techniques to get there.

I bring to this work my own practical experiences over the years as a business owner, manager, and consultant, and my skills as a clairvoyant.

Soul Readings and Coaching for You and Your Business Team

...are the evolutionary next steps when you are committed to taking teamwork to a new level of collaboration, success and synergy. There is an unstoppable quality to a team of people who share a common vision, pool their natural talents, focus their energies and move ahead together. The team then becomes greater than the sum of its parts, and magic happens. This phenomenon, which is often seen in sports, is also a winning formula in business and in life.

Soul Readings for you and every member of your team will reveal to each person what their highest soul function is, what their most developed talents are, what they intrinsically designed to contribute to the team, and what role and working conditions most suit their soul design.

The process includes sharing this information among the team members and using the insight together to support what each member does best. The organizational structure of your team will become a collaborative "Round Table," capable of functioning as one finely tuned synergic unit for the greater good of the endeavor.

The work will be tailor-made to the nature of the business and your individual and collective goals. Additional skills for collaborative team work may include: clarifying an inspiring vision, upgrading communication skills, defining meaningful rewards and support systems, energy management, and learning how to take the emotional "high road."

Fees will be determined from our initial conversations about your goals. Please email me of your interest, and I will follow up by contacting you and arranging a phone conversation.

recent workshops

embodying the shift in everyday life

Five Wise Women share their intention and grace in this special event to set a vibrational harmonic from 11:11 p.m. to 1:11 a.m. Dec. 21. Carol Mann speaks on "Embodying the Shift in Everyday Life."

heart centered meditation and teachings

This series of meditations and teachings were recorded live over the course of six months in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Discovering and applying the power of the heart
is how we can positively change the world right now!

The heart is the most powerful tool we have for positively influencing personal, community, global and planetary healing and evolution. Heart-centered meditation links the energy of your heart to the hearts of everyone in the group. This collective heart coherence has been demonstrated to have very far-reaching positive effects including: improving personal well-being, generating peacefulness in communities, minimizing violence in the world, and even reducing geological stress in the planet.

The purpose of these gatherings is to learn more about the Paradigm shift and how to use a simple heart-centered meditation technique to experience, share and contribute all these benefits.

Click on the playlist below to listen to the teachings and join in the meditation regardless of your location!

NOTE: Each recording includes a half hour Teaching, followed by a two part Meditation. I first lead everyone in to 10-15 minutes of silent meditation, followed by a guided meditation. All of this is included in each of these MP3s.

Learn more about these heart centered meditations.